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#TBT - The NYC Days + A Visitor is Coming!

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Photo: David Szydlowski, NY

Photo: David Szydlowski, NY

This is me and my NYC bestie KC. :) It's one of the hundreds of photos from the professional 'Farewell to NYC' photo shoot she arranged with our girlfriends when I was about to move to London in the summer of '08. Just one of the many reasons I love her! 

KC and I met when I first moved to Manhattan in 2003. I was looking for somewhere to live and had been trawling around on looking for someone who was: A) not insane, and B) not creepy. (High standards, I know!) I totally lucked out coming across KC - she had an apartment with an extra room, I needed a room, we didn't hate each other on email, and when I flew down for the day to meet her, we clicked! She forgave what she called my 'granola-ness' of showing up in Manhattan wearing Birkenstocks, and helped me find my way around - and we took that city by storm for the five years I was there!! 


We shared many things over those five years - an apartment, breakups, moving into new places, numerous brunch dates, meeting new people, club nights, engagements, wine & cheese parties, bachelorettes, weddings, and many, many, MANY happy hours. {You'll also notice in many pics the other wonderful girls who made up our little 'circle' of close friends over those years :)}

The last time that KC and I were in the same room, neither of us had kids yet...!! I flew out to NYC to surprise her at her baby shower weekend - best. surprise. EVER! And although we have had frequent Skype dates to 'introduce' our daughters, keep up with each other's lives, and share the goss, it's not quite the same and that is why I am SO EXCITED that she's coming to London!!! YAAAAAY!! 

It will be a whirlwind tour. She is a massively busy chick, not only taking care of her darling little girl, but she also runs her own equine board & care facility, teaches riding lessons, and rides competitively herself - so it's a miracle she's able to take any time at all. We will simply make sure those 3 days are chock full of quality time and touristy fun!!

So this is where I need your help. Londoners, people who have been here before, those who have a wish list of London sights - everyone weigh in here....what are the top 3 things you'd put on a list to see and do if you had never been here before??! I have a million things I would want to do and show her but we don't want to be running manically all over the place and we want to enjoy ourselves - drop some ideas for us here please!

Two mamas, free to wander London Town sans diaper bags and curfews?? Watch out, world! And be sure to check back at the end of June for all the photos of us throwin' it down NY style! ;) 

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