The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Dear Diary Friday

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Dear Diary, 

This week was a good week. I got to see my friend from home last weekend, most of the days were super sunny and warm(ish), and I even got to sleep until 7 one morning! My daughter had two play dates with friends, we spent an afternoon at the petting zoo, and M and I wrapped up two major things on our To Do list. Bug also has been saying SO MUCH this week - it's as if her tongue has just loosened and she's attempting to copy every word M and I say to her. Today was cup, chair, pasta, panda, and blueberries. It's just incredible to see her brain growing, and her intense excitement at hearing herself repeating new things. :)


I did just irreparably ruin one of my heavy duty stainless steel cooking pots by attempting to make homemade playdough, but in my defense I thought the mixture seemed dry so I kept adding more water, and then I had to cook it down for ages to try and dry it out enough to play with it...except that after cooking it forever it wasn't any thicker and I think the salt in the mixture had baked somehow onto the sides. It actually looks as though the dried bits peeled from the lip took a layer off the pot itself leaving some kind of oxidized metal exposed below.... Oops. #fail bigtime (insert sheepish emoji here) 

Speaking of Sheepish, did I ever tell you that is what I named the stuffed sheep that M gave me years ago when I was sick? Yup! I decided that a) even though clearly it's a sheep and not a ram, that he's a 'he', and b) he is Scottish. And though Hamish sounded a little odd for a sheep, SHEEPISH sounds like perfection! Admit it. It's an awesome stuffed sheep name. Anyway, Bug has gotten in the habit of taking Sheepish off of me in the morning when she's snuggled into bed with us and her milk. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm a little worried that she's going to stake her claim on him just like every other soft toy in the house and I'll be left without my pillow....stay tuned. 

Ooh! Speaking of Scottish...I have a joke for today! 

Q - What time does Sean Connery arrive at Wimbledon?
A - Tennish.   

I laughed so hard when I heard that!! But then, I do like a bit of cheese. (Figuratively and literally.) 

It is now officially the weekend and we have plans! Tomorrow we have lunch with some good friends we met at church (I just finished baking the coffee cake - it smells good so fingers are crossed it tastes good too), and on Sunday I've got to say goodbye to two amazing people I met here six years ago as they head back to America and start a new chapter out in LA...I have no faith in my ability to keep from crying....but I'll do my best. 

I hope that everyone has had a great week - and if not, I hope that the weekend turns it around for you!