The Adventures of Bug and Boo

A Weekend of Bug and Boo Time

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Linking up with EmberGrey again for another #gratefulheartmonday! 

I won't lie - I had to think for a couple of minutes about what to be grateful for today. I think because it comes much more naturally to think of negative things than the positive. Which is something I'm hoping to change in doing this Grateful Heart Monday link-up. 

And yes, this was a somewhat trying weekend. It started with a stupidly clumsy moment that resulted in a black eye, M was away in Dublin which meant Bug missed him like crazy (as did I - and not just because I usually get to sleep in one day a weekend when he is home!), and she woke up every morning at 4 AM...that part really sucked. 

But I started thinking about what we did over the weekend - and we really had a brilliant time in the end. We met up with my good friend Cheryl and her little man Noah for playdates at the park, we got out to the town's Big Picnic, strolled along the river, played in the garden, ran through the house like giggling maniacs and played hide-and-seek. 

I realised that I have so much to be grateful for that I couldn't possibly convey it properly. I am grateful for the extra one-on-one time with my daughter this past weekend. I'm grateful that I got to witness every smile on her face, watching her collect things in her bucket in the garden, playing with Noah at the playground, seeing her climb the steps up to the slide for the very first time - full of trepidation and walking soooo carefully along the top to the edge of the slide. I am thankful that I gave birth to my baby in England because that gave me a year of maternity leave to enjoy every minute of her growing from a baby into a toddler. I'm grateful that the year off I had showed me just how much I wanted to spend more time at home with her - and I am so thankful that I get to spend this time with her, seeing her change in tiny little bits day after day. I am grateful for every minute that I get to hold her in my arms, kiss her chubby cheeks, comfort her when she's crying, and sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat seventeen times in a row.

I'm grateful for time with my lovebug.