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Firsts of the Date Kind -- #ThrowbackThursday

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Hey y'all! (Did that sound weird? Since this is a 3 Southern Gals link-up I thought I ought to try it on for size at least once!) ;) Throwback Thursday is upon us once again and today I am reliving my first date with M. 

So. Roll back the years to 2010. We met at the end of January at a chance encounter in a pub outside my office, thanks to a mutual friend/colleague named Brian. It was a fun evening of banter, flirting, generally good craic, and then all of a sudden he just...disappeared. Vanished into thin air. (OK, it's far less mysterious - he went home when I was in the loo.) I took the fact that he hadn't asked for my number personally for a few minutes, smacked Brian and said something clever like 'what the heck's wrong with your friend??' and decided to just write him off and forget about him. 

Except...I didn't forget about him. And two months later, after a string of bad first dates, I was at a pub quiz with Brian and asked him (rather casually, I thought) about M and what was the status with him. And as he was single and had apparently been eyeing me back, before I knew it, we had a meet-up arranged for a night that weekend! While we didn't connect as Brian had planned, on Sunday we exchanged texts to find a time that suited and before I knew it we were arranging to meet that afternoon at the Tate Modern, in just a few short hours! I did a little bit of shrieking to myself, scrambled to get ready, and made my roommate check my outfit about 5 times before I ran out the door. I still remember what I was wearing - skinny worn black jeans, silver ballet flats with metal cap toes, a v-neck fitted tee shirt and a cardigan. I was going for cute and casual, and trying to look like I hadn't tried too hard. You girls will know what I mean. 

I got to the museum ten minutes late after booking it down the Southbank from my flat in Shad Thames, huffing and puffing and sweating slightly (to my horror). I couldn't spot him so I quickly did a lap of the main floor and finally texted. He replied that he was there near the entrance - I ran around and looked again, thinking to myself, have I forgotten what he looks like?? We finally rang each other, figured out where the other was, and made a meet point in the middle. As I walked over I was freaking out, wondering if this would be a very bad date, and had I built up this guy in my head after a few months of thinking about him..

We met, had a nervous chat for a few minutes, and then I insulted him in the coffee shop by calling him a girl for not wanting to stand outside in the cold with me. Once the niceties were out of the way, we proceeded to have The. Best. Date. EVER. 

We explored the Tate Modern and laughed over exhibits that made no sense to us. There was a special exhibit of this huge black box. You walked into it, into blackness, and that was it. You couldn't see a thing, and the walls were this velvety material. It was funny, and weird...there were loads of people in the thing and you couldn't see anyone but you could hear them, and sometimes someone would brush past you. We both decided it was creepy so we left and walked across the bridge to St Paul's Cathedral, turned left and kept on walking down towards Fleet Street. At one point he pulled me into a phone booth and we just stood there staring at each other - me wondering what the heck was this about and him wondering why the heck he'd asked me to get in (I found out later!). He also tells of a blushing moment where we walked past his flat and he pointed it out to me, and I looked at him and said 'that's not happening' and just kept walking. LOL. 

We walked and talked all over London. It was an awesome way to see the city, and such a treat to be genuinely enjoying someone's company as much as I was! We ended up spending nearly the whole day together. After the museum and our walking tour of the city, we were back on the Southbank and had lunch there, then we somehow ended up in Leicester Square, perusing the list of movies playing. Somehow the date just kept extending. At every point that a first date might have ended, neither of us were ready to say goodbye yet so we kept coming up with something else to do. We bounced back and forth between intense, serious conversations and quick witted, snappy retorts. All interspersed with ever so slightly nervous moments of that first hold of the hands, and the amazing first kiss. And by the end of the date I felt like I really knew him. And I went home and told my flatmate that I was going to marry this one. There was never going to be anyone better. 

True story. :) 

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