The Adventures of Bug and Boo

My Dad is the Best.

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Today I am wishing that I lived closer to my dad, so I could give him a big squeezy hug and thank him for being so wonderful. The last time I was able to celebrate Father's Day with him....well it was certainly many years ago. 

My dad worked nights for most of his career, so the rest of us were like ships passing in the night with him. We'd see him come home from work in the morning while we were getting ready for school. He would put our lunches together, scribbling notes on the napkins for later, and give us a hug as we ran out the door. When we came home from school we'd have to be soooooo quiet because he'd still be sleeping before he had to get up for work in two hours. He'd get up and get ready while we were doing schoolwork and helping my mom put dinner together and then no matter what, we would always eat together as a family before he left for his shift. 

Because of his work schedule he had to try that much harder to be present in our lives and part of the family, and he worked SO hard to do that. He might have missed choral and band concerts but he always borrowed the videos from school so he could watch them later (and let's be honest, those weren't Broadway Musicals..). He may have only made it to the first few events at my swim meets but he got up early to squeeze them in on his way into work. He never forgot to wish me luck on exams or tell me he was proud of me for accomplishing whatever were my goals at the time. 

I have so many memories of special moments with my dad. I would always fall asleep in my parents' bed when they went out in the evening and when they returned home, my dad would carefully lift me up and carry drowsy me upstairs and tuck me back in. I remember sobbing in my room when I was around ten or eleven and my wonderful great-aunt had passed away; I was distraught and he heard me from the kitchen, came in and spoke soothingly to me about heaven and stroked my hair until I finally fell asleep. On my wedding day, our car took a scenic drive around Ennis on the way to the Cathedral where I was going to marry M...I was a little nervous and shaking, and my dad held my hand and made me laugh. And he was genuinely so happy that I met M and that we were planning a life together. He doesn't only approve of my husband, but he's proud of M and what he accomplishes and achieves just as much as I am - my dad genuinely cares for M and trusts him to care for Bug and me the same way that he cared for his family. 

We have such a special relationship and I'm so thankful to have this sensitive, caring, genuine, honest, and faithful man showing me how to live my life in a kind and heartfelt way. I love you, Dad!! Thank you for all of your support, guidance, advice, discipline, encouragement, and unconditional love over the years...I will do my absolute best to raise Bug in a way that would make you and Mom proud. 

Love always,

Your Becca Boo Bear ;)