The Adventures of Bug and Boo

That's Gonna Leave a Mark...

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Linking up with Blythe on this one, because I am totally One Hot Mess after this!


So today, I was not spatially aware and this happened --> 

Basically I didn't realise how close I was standing next to a tall kitchen chair and when I leaned over quickly to set Bug on the floor since she wanted to get down, I clocked my brow bone - CRACK!!! - on the back part. 

Doesn't look like much, right? It bled a lot so we went to the Minor Injuries Unit in Cheshunt, just to make sure I didn't need a stitch or two. We didn't wait that long - miracle! - but the doc said no stitches necessary, it's pretty superficial. I'm still tempted to put some tape over the cut to hold the sides together, it keeps popping open when I raise my eyebrows...ugh. 

Anyway - I had been holding ice on the spot for hours and eventually my eye went numb so I had to stop. And it stopped looking like above and pretty quickly looked like this --> 

And now it is an even darker purple, heading towards a true and proper black eye, and is swollen so far it is pushing my eyelid down so I look like I am stuck midwink to some invisible charming person. :( This being my first black eye experience, I gotta say - these suckers hurt!! 

When it had just happened, I'd even go so far as to say it hurt much more than anything that I've experienced (barring labour, of course!!) in the last few years. It's definitely going to leave a mark. Luckily, it happens to be the eye that also carries the scar from my ill-fated eyebrow ring of 1999-2000, and the mark from when I nearly impaled that same eye on a TV aerial on the balcony of my old flat in Hackney just before the housewarming party that Helen and I were throwing started. Yep. I'm clumsy. 

(Please excuse the look of me morning was spent giving myself a black eye and trying to assure the urgent care doctor that I do, in fact, have blood pressure, and it is not my fault that the machine isn't reading it so why does he have to let it squeeze my arm so hard it's turning purple for nearly 5 showering and makeup just did not happen. Adding to Hot Mess status. 

Enjoy your weekends, everyone. And now if you'll excuse me, it's time for painkillers and ice cream!! 


The day was not a total loss though. M headed off to a stag weekend in Dublin, and to make me smile, and feel better about my eye and not having any break in Bug detail this weekend, these flowers turned up a couple hours after he headed to the airport. Yep. My man rocks. And I am not the only girl to think so... (I'm talking about our daughter...obv).