The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Taking Stock

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family selfie may2014

Courtesy of an idea picked up via Danielle at Sometimes Sweet - a little snapshot of the present here in Broxbourne:

Making: I tried making votive candles and my own cards (Hallmark style, not business) this month. Varied levels of success..  

Cooking: a lot of my ‘usuals’ although I tried a chicken & sweet potato chili in the crockpot last week that was new and amazing. And score - I made a big dish of lasagna yesterday so dinner is sorted already. Yay!

Drinking: coffee – no surprise there. I feel like it’s time for a detox and yet with so little sleep, how on earth would I stay awake during the day if I quit?

Reading: I seem to have set down 3 or 4 books in the middle of each one. Clearly spending time with each other has turned me into my husband. (Love you honey!)

Wanting: a cookie. Or cake. Definitely something chocolatey…

Looking: through my closet for something to wear to our friends’ wedding in a few weeks. Bug is joining us so it needs to be something more kid-friendly than the silk sheath dress I wore to the last one!

Playing: country music – how much do I love the ‘Nashville’ soundtracks??

Wasting: time, rather than get up off my bum and face the rain so I can post my taxes to the US.

Sewing: nothing. Not since I was earning my sewing patch at age 8 or 9 I think.

Wishing: well now I’m wishing that I could sew…!

EnjoyingThe Croods – a funny DreamWorks animated film about a caveman and his family. I saw it for the first time today and laughed a lot. It might even be the first film where I got over my irrational dislike of Nick Cage enough to enjoy the movie anyway!

Waiting: for pics to upload from my phone to my laptop. My computer runs soooooo slowly.

Likingthe long weekends! We've had a couple this month and that meant extra time for the 3 of us. Even when we're just running into the back garden for a few minutes in between rain showers, or taking group selfies (above), we're together and enjoying each other's company!

Wondering: what time my hubby will make it home. All of the trains in this direction were canceled out of London so he’s got a very convoluted and long journey home. :( 

Loving: that I am finally back into a mini exercise routine! It feels good to see tiny improvements in my shape. 

Hoping: to plan a trip somewhere this summer. We’ve conquered flying and traveling with the kiddo where we stay with family; it might be time to do a European mini break at a family friendly hotel! Let’s face it – even if she doesn’t sleep well at a hotel, she doesn’t really sleep well at home lately so why not do it somewhere else?

Marveling: at how much Bug is changing. I was looking through old photos yesterday (well, last year, not that old) and she has grown SO MUCH! Except her hair.

Needing: a haircut! Thank goodness Bianca comes over on Monday.

Smelling: ‘kitchen spice’ from Yankee Candle burning in the kitchen. So yum.

Wearing: jeans, a long sleeve Guinness shirt from my visit to the Dublin storehouse, and fuzzy boot-like slippers. Yup. This is summer in England.

Following: some fashion bloggers on IG. Looking for some style inspiration. Finding the balance between my pre-baby style and my must-be-virtually-indestructible needs now is tricky.

Noticing: that I could really benefit from a manicure. I can’t remember the last one I had.

Feeling: a little sad today, to be honest. No big reason, just Bug using a fork at dinner and sitting in a booster seat at the table rather than her high chair. She’s growing up so fast and I just had this urge today to hold her tight and not let time pass for a bit.  

Bookmarking: all of the articles I never have time to read but looked interesting. One day I will wake up and there will be 10 more hours in that day for me to catch up on my reading. I just know it.  

Opening: the fridge. Constantly. Bug is always making the sign for milk and says cheese while pointing at the fridge about ten times a day!

Feeling: like I ought to have gotten more done today. Or every day.


How about you? :)