The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Three day weekend!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Happy Friday! I'm so glad that it's a 3 day weekend...we've had a rough week of Bug being a bit sick; today started at 630am with me 'catching' her sick in my lap during our early morning cuddle...yup. Mom's a glamorous job. 

But you don't want to read the icky details of that story, so instead here are a few of the things I enjoyed this week: 

First, these shoes - we have two weddings this summer and I only ever buy Bug one pair of shoes at a time since she outgrows them quickly, but I feel like she needs special occasion shoes to wear to a wedding... She has a gorgeous black dress with a pretty gold design on it (thanks to our lovely friends Nat and Adam) so these would be perfect, what do you think!? 

This amazing video of a man interacting with lions in their own habitat. He's raising awareness of endangered species with the aim that we (people) restore their habitat. Plus, he hugs lions!! 

Let's face it: toddlers are basically aliens

An interesting editorial on the current political and economic state over here in Europe.

Are you always hungry

Bad news for 2014 graduates...

Ideas for a summer mini trip? We need to plan a few days away as a family. It's not easy traveling with babies but we've done it enough now that we should be able to do a foreign country for a long weekend. Different opinions abound though! 

Then again, we could go the easy route with a weekend staycation in the UK...there is so much more to explore here! 

Speaking of travel. (How much do I want to stay in the floating farmhouse?!) 

Happy weekend, everyone!