The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Grateful Heart Monday

Rebecca O'Loughlin2 Comments

A typical Monday morning is being woken out of a sound sleep by my crying daughter (who always wakes up crying, how sad is that?!). I am always desperate for a coffee and wishing it were still the weekend...I do a fair bit of 'ugh, it's only Monday' moaning to myself all day long, thinking about the massive list of things I have to accomplish in the week ahead. I know you feel me!

BUT! Recently I stumbled upon this blog where Emily encourages readers to have a #gratefulheartmonday and write about what they're particularly grateful for on that day. Granted, it feels a bit alien to think happy thoughts on a Monday but I love the idea of positivity today so here goes...

Today I am grateful for technology - because without the wonders of Skype, I would feel so isolated from my family. I've lived overseas for nearly six years, yet we've managed to still 'see' each other at minimum once a week, drink coffee together on weekend mornings, and enjoy the expressions on each other's faces when we're telling stories. Lately it's been a real godsend to see the relationship developing between Bug and both my parents and my in-laws.

I was thinking about this yesterday. We've gone back to Ireland a few times in the last year visiting my in-laws, but we'd only been in the US with my parents once, when Bug was six months old. She wasn't even crawling yet, she'd only just learned to roll over. 8 months have passed where they haven't been in the same room. My mom and dad just came for two weeks in April, and because we've been Skyping regularly, they've seen her grow and develop, but also - she has seen them. Which means she knew exactly who they were when they walked in the door - she was delighted they were in person!! 

Now when they're on Skype with us, she plays peekaboo with them behind the side of the sofa, tries to hand them every one of her toys (she's going through a real 'share' phase, long may it last!!), and kisses their faces on the screen - and it is just soooo nice to see the love there, and know that they are still able to grow it despite being thousands of miles away from each other. 

So, my grateful heart this Monday is thankful for the wonders of Skype, the internet, technology - all of this cloud magic that enables our disconnected family to feel more connected and together. Happy Monday!