The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Weekend Fun

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

What a fun few days we've had! On Thursday we met our friends from church at the local gardening centre, which has a big and FREE petting zoo on their property where the girls could get scarily close to free-ranging chickens and roosters, see bunnies, feed goats, and generally run around screaming with laughter! Bug found some her-sized garden furniture and played musical chairs with the set for a good ten minutes while I nonchalantly ignored the 'do not allow children to play in this area' sign. The pure happiness on that face (and 10 minutes of peace to finish my coffee!) was worth it! 


Then on Friday we had a playdate with one of the our NCT (a UK prenatal group) mama and baby pairs. Edward is walking now! It's amazing to see how these kiddos have grown over the last 15-16 months. He and Bug spent some of the wildlife trail trundling along, faces planted against the windows of various animal enclosures. 


I'd say the weekend was a great heyday for any germs looking for a new host child...sure, why wouldn't you lick the glass there!? The mini railway was open so we hopped on, where I got one selfie of us before she started having a tantrum because I wouldn't let her stand on the seat...thankfully it was brief.

There was a bouncy castle area with a farmyard for the smaller tots and surprisingly, they both got a big kick out of it! Bug haaaated those things the first and second time I placed her on one of them - but this time she got the hang of it and bounced a bit on her bum, then spent most of the time trying her best to stand up / walk along (with varying levels of success...). I did capture the split second 'NO HANDS!!!' moment of elation! 

And yesterday we had some family time! Rare to have a quiet day to ourselves, so as a treat we went out for breakfast at Nonna's Kitchen, a lovely Sicilian restaurant in the next village over. They're completely kid-friendly and the food is great - although the desserts are more than enough reason to go again and again....picture trays and trays of mini lobster tails, cream puffs, eclairs, tarts, cannolis, and various chocolate bites...mmm. We have a hard time leaving without taking a big box of goodies home. 

To round out the fun family day out, we hit the grocery store! (Try to keep your jealousy of our mad and crazy weekends contained, please!) Bug sat in the big girl seat of the trolley for the first time - she's holding on for dear life on the ride up the ramp there. Who knew getting groceries could be so entertaining?! She said 'cheese' over and over for the first few aisles to anyone who would listen before we finally just gave in and handed her some - yes, we were those people handing over an empty container to be scanned and paid for at the till. 

(And I'll give you one guess who was suckered into getting that balloon for the princess, when she squealed at them through the window of the shop across from the wasn't mommy!) 

Happy weekend to you all! :)