The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Who is this child?

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Terrible twos fifteen months...?

Is that a thing..? We seem to have entered an unknown (and completely unprepared for) realm of Tantrum Bug. Scary.

Yikes! Gale force tantrum right here.

Yikes! Gale force tantrum right here.

Any little thing can set this tiny terror off...God forbid you tell her not to touch the hot oven, or throw things at mommy's head. Even being unable herself to carry her giant panda bear as far as she wanted to causes a meltdown. Seriously, the bear is bigger than she it any surprise she can't lift him into the next room? 

Pleeeeeease let this only be a phase. In one day she threw herself on the floor three times for what should have been very minor upsets, crying at the top of her lungs, red-faced and literally kicking her legs - which I honestly (naively) thought was an exaggeration of tantrums! She also threw toys at me all day long, including a very heavy wooden boat - well I will not be singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat now, will I kiddo? And best of all, whilst eating dinner, and looking me in the eye, she deliberately threw each and every item of her dinner over the side of her high chair. No matter how many times I said no. And her expression said, 'Yeah. Now what are you gonna do?' 

Not even joking. 

Ohhhhhhh, save me now. If this is 15 months, what is 15 YEARS going to look like...??? I am bracing myself now for the teenage years. I spent mine reading books and playing The Cranberries locked in my room. But I have a feeling the ones in my future will include a lot of slammed doors and yelling....and that's just me! 

What you do have to love is the eventual apology.  Not when I ask her to, of course. (Why would you give Mommy what she wants? That's just crazy talk.) But hours and hours later, after a lo-o-o-ONG day of testing boundaries, she's sitting on my lap getting ready for bed, and without saying anything just tilts her head back to look up at me and plants a big fat kiss right on my face. 


Heart. Melted.

Yup. All is forgiven. I still love you and always will, you adorable little manipulator. Score another one for you. :)