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The worst thing about living abroad...

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

OK, I may be catastrophising a little bit here because this is not actually the worst thing - I'd have to say being so far from family probably is - but since it is currently the season, it's topping the rest of the list right now. 



TAXES. Ugh. Just seeing it in print makes me wince. 

To be fair, I never loved doing taxes (does anyone?!) but it's soooo much worse doing them when you live outside the country. 

Do you know how many more forms I have to fill out? It's barbaric.

But 'tis the season, which is keeping me preoccupied. (Obviously I am proscrastinating just a tad by writing this post instead, but I digress...) US taxes are done in April typically (by 15 June for expats) and quite sensibly they're based on the previous calendar year aka 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Meanwhile the UK tax year starts on the 6 April every year (????!?!!) so getting anyone to provide me with my salary information for Jan-Dec is much harder than it really ought to be, as they only cater for their own taxes with the paperwork they provide. Sigh. 

So I'm drowning in paperwork and forms and bank statements and blah, blah, blah....someone rescue me!!!