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New Year's Wishes

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

I don't really 'do' resolutions. I used to, when I was younger - although they were largely uninspired and fell along the lines of 'work out three times a week' or 'eat healthier than last year' (all of which dissipated within the first few weeks of January of course!). I found that for me, a better approach is to have goals in mind but not to apply too much force to them. Making a To Do list of goals created a lot of pressure around checking them off, and it became a tick-the-box exercise. These days I prefer to have an idea of things I'd like to accomplish, but consider them with flexibility, knowing that things constantly change and so might these. 

With that in mind, and considering all of the accomplishments that we've had in 2014, these are a few of the wishes that I have for the new year: 

  1. To manage the transition from one child to two with patience and flexibility 
  2. To put myself out there in our neighborhood and our community with the aim of meeting people (and hopefully making friends)
  3. To grant myself grace in parenting a newborn (again), and to not be as hard on myself in the early days as I was last time - allowing myself time to heal and letting others help me when they offer
  4. To hold true to my intentions of being a better wife and a better mother, spouting positivity about my better half and my child(ren) 
  5. To search (with an open mind) for a church that feels like home 
  6. To pour my heart into my writing, filling it with truth 

These are wishes that I have for myself in 2015! I could add any number of goals or aims there - including focusing on this blog (taking a minor break in the early days with Baby #2 no doubt!) and growing it, meeting blog friends IRL (hooray for Influence 2015!!), developing my style more, learning to code on my own, finding a schedule 'rhythm' that works in my new life for writing, decorating our new home room by room, etc, etc, etc. But these broad wishes above are the overarching tenets that I really want to live my life by in the next year....and I'm hopeful that even if I find myself NOT granting myself grace, or not being as patient as I could be, that I will shake it off and try again, reminding myself that these things are on a continuum and not a simple 'yes' or 'no' I did it exercise. 

I wish you all a truly wonderful year ahead, filled with accomplishments and successes, and no fear of failure! Have a happy, happy 2015 - I can't wait to see what it brings to us all!! 

Love the Here and Now