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Grateful for 33

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Today, I am 33.

Not a milestone birthday in the classic sense, but it certainly feels like one to me. 

Each year, I make it to the end of December and celebrate my birthday - one that either makes me proud of all that I've accomplished in that year, or one that makes me wish for a "do-over." What's wonderful is that I haven't had one of those regret-filled birthdays in a long time. Quite possibly that is maturity, making me see the wisdom in even things that aren't positive in the moment that they occur. But a lot of it is that there has been much in my life to be thankful for in the last few years. I met my husband a few years ago. Coincidence? I think not. :) And in these last several years, we've gotten married, started a life together, had a child, and made some big life changes.

In this one year alone: 

  • We started to finally feel a community around us in our home in England 
  • I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom 
  • I began to volunteer with a youth organisation
  • I started this blog 
  • We discovered we will be expanding our family further 
  • We considered moving to the US 
  • I got my 2nd tattoo 
  • 2 new nieces joined our lives 
  • We MOVED to the US 
  • We lived with my parents for nearly 4 months
  • We set up a life here 
  • I celebrated my first Thanksgiving at home in more than 10 years
  • We took our first trip without our Bug, ever 
  • We hosted our very first family Christmas celebration in our new home 

It's been a truly remarkable year, one that will always stand out in our minds because of these giant reasons above. No other year will ever be like this one. We took on some pretty major life-changing events, that most people spread out over much more time. And yet despite the chaos (and fatigue), I wouldn't have changed a thing. I look back at the last year and feel amazement at all we've accomplished, and joy at how our relationship has grown and deepened because of our support for each other throughout all these changes. 

So on this final Grateful Heart Monday, I find that I have so, so much to be appreciative of! It's been a whirlwind year, and I am grateful for each and every step that has gotten us here. 

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