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Merry & Bright Gift Swap Reveal!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

One of the fun parts of blogging is all of the wonderful people that I get to connect with, whom I'd never have the chance of knowing otherwise! Joining linkups is one way to make those connections, and another one is swaps - a 'secret santa' type of gift exchange where you're paired up with someone at random, you get to know them via their blog / twitter / Insta and/or email exchanges, and then you pick out a gift to send to them and vice versa. I was delighted to participate in Bailey Jean's MERRY & BRIGHT gift swap for the holiday season - and even more delighted to be paired up with Mariel, whose blog I had recently come across and thoroughly enjoyed! 

Mariel is a lovely and positive blogger, with the MOST adorable little girl - I love the photos she shares of her daughter, and her family, and I enjoyed picking out a gift for her (even if I had her darling little one in mind when I chose it!) We got to know each other better via emails as well, and when her parcel turned up last week, I was SO excited to see what was inside! 

First, I have to give her major props on the shipping - I loved the stamps covering the top of the box - I used to collect stamps as a kid, and I don't think I've seen the perforated, lick-the-back stamps in years! :) 

Now check out these gifts! So thoughtful - and so appreciated! A big coffee mug, right up my alley. A pretty cake stand - I have never owned one but I always see them at parties or hosted events and think, "I really ought to get myself one of those!" And, the cutest hardcover journal ever - seriously, my husband complimented it when he saw it sitting on the kitchen table. THANK YOU MARIEL!! Awesome gifts, I've used the coffee cup and the cake stand already, and I've got the journal on my bedside table waiting to be broken in! :) 

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was truly great, relatively relaxed and yet such a great day. I'll share all about it next week. Until then, enjoy your weekend and the rest of the holiday season! 

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