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December's Golden VLOG!

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Still relatively new to this whole 'vlogging' world (a video blog, for those of you new to it as well), I cannot guarantee that this is a quality work of art. But since I faced my fears once before - and didn't die of embarrassment - I thought, why not do it again?? 

So here goes....I hope that you enjoy

That's my Christmas in a nutshell - and a bit on New Year's Eve too :) I will say, it's tough to think of answers on the fly sometimes. After watching this back, I thought, actually one of my favorite *recent* Christmas memories was the year of the horrendous snowstorm in London where I was trying to make my flight home to see my family and ended up in Ireland, meeting M's parents for the very first time! Also, I ought to have worn my reindeer antlers - or at least something red! The visual lack of Christmas decorations is a downright shame, given the theme of the questions. Ah well - trust me when I say I will be decorating the heck out of our new house!! ;) 

So tell me, what about you? Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? (Or on a different day entirely!?) Are you prepared already, or will you be picking out gifts at the last minute? 

In the vlog, I referenced a recent Christmas song - I wasn't about to try and sing it myself, so here's the actual song for your listening pleasure: 

Since starting this site a few months ago, I've met some truly lovely bloggers, and many are part of this monthly vlog series (and more seasoned at it than I!) - click on the button at the bottom of the post to watch them, and enjoy!! :) 

AND, since it is now Friday (where on earth did the week go??) I'm sharing a couple of the posts I really enjoyed this week with you! I've been neck deep in boxes and finagling all of the moving parts of our move into the new house, so I haven't read as many blogs as I typically do - I am looking forward to catching up this weekend!! - but here are a couple of the posts I did read and stood out for me this week: 

1) Anne's plethora of Christmas tree gorgeousness: this is for all those people who adore the holiday season and all the beautiful lights and decorations that it entails!! Anne at Love the Here and Now blog has nearly as many trees as she has rooms in her house, and each one is decorated in a different way. It's like your own personal light show (except you don't have to drive slowly down a snowy cold street with your nose pressed to the inside of the car window!)  :) 

2) Tawnya's ideas of ways to give back to others this holiday season: I love these ideas. Like Tawnya at All of Life's Little Adventures, I've seen a lot of gift guides for men, women, kids, pets, etc out there - but this is the first I've come across sharing ways to be selfless or provide something basic to people who truly need it. We did a few of these growing up in my house, and I always felt it helped us understand the true meaning of the holiday. I want my Bug to feel that joy in sharing what we do have with others who don't have nearly enough. 

Now I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead! What do you have planned? We are doing the OFFICIAL moving out of my parents' home and into our first owned family house....aaaaagh I'm so excited!! Granted, we will be surrounded by boxes for a while but at least we'll be in our own place again - I am looking forward to sleeping in our own bed, picking out our first 'real' family Christmas tree together, and watching the village's Christmas Parade going down main street on Saturday night! Happy Friday, everyone!