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Grateful for a Season of Thanksgiving

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

Happy Monday, friends! I hope that anyone celebrating Thanksgiving had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Mine was full of family at TWO different celebrations, way too much turkey for one week ;), and some lovely time with M who was home for an extended weekend. And now December is rolling in to say hello and spend a few weeks with us...can you believe it is the last month of the year? Once again it seems as though time has flown by faster than I can keep up. 

I find myself feeling particularly grateful in this season. The celebration of Thanksgiving, and the prompt within the name itself, surely has an effect on me - as does the arrival of the Advent season. (Both have been / are the focus of two wonderful She Reads Truth devotional plans, which I highly recommend - the Advent one has only just begun!) I tend to become very reflective at the end of the year, thinking back on all that has happened and the many blessings for which I am thankful. 

I don't want to list out everything that has happened in this year, nor every little (and big) thing that I'm feeling grateful for the year bringing, because that's a surefire way to get a load of yawns from someone reading along. ;) However, I do want to share just a few things that are weighing grateful on my mind this week: 

  • Getting to FaceTime with M's parents over the weekend and them being able to see Bug in all her chatty glory! Heading into the holiday season is a little bittersweet, now that we're married - because of the distance between the two, we can only celebrate each year with one family. This will be our year in the US since last year was in Ireland, and that will be sad in a lot of ways because we will miss M's family so much. But I'm ever grateful for technology and the capabilities it engenders - Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts; these are all able to be used every holiday celebration to 'see' the other family, and one year we even watched our gifts being opened. It isn't the same, but it makes a big difference from a phone call! 
  • Two absolutely wonderful families. M and I are so blessed - both families have welcomed the other person into their lives with open arms and open hearts, and we say it often to each other, how absolutely special it is that we're surrounded by such love, acceptance, and generosity of spirit on both sides. 
  • Being home for my first Thanksgiving in nearly 10 years, and getting to enjoy not one, but TWO celebrations, with family. :) (I am, of course, completely turkeyed out. It will be a ham for Christmas indeed!) 
  • We are now in the month where we *should* be closing on the house...unconfirmed as yet but our close date is meant to be Friday, so any prayers / happy thoughts / good juju you want to send our way would be greatly appreciated! 
  • My sweet friend Emily, whose weekly Grateful Heart prompts have turned around the way I approach each week! Grumpy complaining Mondays have become positive, more uplifting starts to the week. :) 

How was your Thanksgiving?! Did you go around the table and share what you're grateful for? Do you find yourself feeling grateful this morning for anything in particular? Do share! :) 

Ember Grey: Grateful Heart