The Adventures of Bug and Boo

24 Weeks...and Growing!

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Well. 24 weeks and I feel a bit like I look more the size of 34 weeks...but let's be generous and just say I've grown nicely since my last update at 15 weeks, shall we? 


Bump Status: 24 weeks 

Feeling: pretty good, for the most part. Occasional painful twinges across my lower abdomen - you know, as it grows and stretches more and more, ha - and some awful pain in my hip that doesn't seem to be going away, but other than that things are well. (Attributing much of this feeling great to the last two weekends, when I've been spoilt with prenatal massages - thank you honey!) 

Cravings:  No longer the healthy appetite is in full force and I seem to find myself needing a sweet snack in the evening. Cookies, brownies, chocolate cake - any of the above. Not ideal for trying to keep to a manageable size but I guess this will be a test of my self control....!

Food Aversions: Nope. Still eating everything I normally do - plus more sugar! 

Sleep: I absolutely CANNOT wake up in the morning. I am shattered, no matter what time I wake up - be it 5am with a crying Bug, or 8am because my mom got up with her and let me sleep in. I also cannot fall asleep at night - I think the earliest I ever get to bed is 11:30. Typically I sit up with my computer for a while, and then I curl up with a book, trying to get my mind to shut off so I can close my eyes. Mixed results each night. Also still waking up having rolled onto my back once again. I can't wait until I can sleep on my stomach again! 

Excited About: Booking our hospital tour and our 'refresher' course on labor and delivery - I'm ready to see the place where I'll be giving birth!  

Fears: Since I've been starting to think about the actual birth part of this journey, I'm getting a bit nervous that I won't have as much control over my birth experience as I did in the UK...stereotypes of the American side of things playing into that, no doubt, but in passing I mentioned the water birth to my OBGYN and she said in the hospital I'll be in, they don't allow water births. You can labor in the pools but you're expected to get out for the pushing's the LAST part of the process that you'd want to move and get into a new position! I just hope that I will have the freedom to have an active birth that I know I need and that I won't be tied to a bunch of wires and monitors restricting my movement. I also hope that I don't have to labor or deliver in stirrups - especially knowing that makes it physically harder to push, I just would rather avoid that position altogether. 

Body Changes:  Bigger, bigger, and bigger again! My mom keeps telling me my bump sticks out more and more each day. I definitely feel it. So far I haven't gotten the puffy face I ended up with last pregnancy (although there's still plenty of time to go...) My stomach and back are itchy like mad, stretched skin making itself known, so I'm trying to stay oiled up. I did manage to find my miraculous Bio Oil over here - Amazon for the win, wahoo! One area I don't need to oil is my face - I can't seem to get rid of the spots across my cheeks, no matter what I try! Resigned to living with redness until this baby comes out. :/ 

Maternity Clothes: Yep. Pretty much everything is maternity labelled now, except for cardigans or tops that can be worn unbuttoned / open. 

Comments:  We had a few name choices that we both liked, back when we were expecting Bug. We still liked several of the unused names for both genders - but I just found out that our top name for a boy is one of the most popular names in the US this year, so there's no way I'm going to use it now! :( #disappointment. Back to the drawing board....

Things I was surprised by:  How quickly the last 9 weeks have gone by...! No doubt due to the myriad of other factors weighing on my mind & keeping us busy at the moment, but it still surprises me that I'm well past halfway. 

What I think is really cool and crazy: I still get all verklempt at the movements of this baby squirming around in there. Lately it's not just tiny prods but also proper kicks and pokes, and occasionally an arm or a leg sticking out by my ribcage. After Bug was born, I had a while of missing my bump, and especially missing the feel of her poking and pushing me from inside my tummy. It became this sort of comforting thing that I got used to feeling regularly - so when it stopped, there was a tiny bit of mourning for it. To have that feeling back is pretty wonderful! 

For Wednesday Wishes with Anne, I'm wishing that M and I can come up with a good name possibility for a boy - and that we don't strike the previously-agreed-upon girl's name off the table. It's a big order, deciding a tiny human's identity for their entire life...I'm wishing and praying that we choose the best fit for whomever this little person becomes! 

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