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Boots and Awesomeness!

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These boots *were* made for walking! They're comfortable, short, fit with socks, and they even have a slightly textured bottom to give a bit of grip on a slick surface. I only bought them on a quick whim because the temperature dropped, I only packed flats in my "6-8 weeks of clothes" luggage, and all of my other shoes are packed securely in a box stuffed deep within a storage unit which has been filled to the brim by the best Tetris player ever. I have no hope of getting any of my shoes back until we move and unpack again. BUT these little sale items have turned out to be pretty fab already! 

As you can see from the photos, we're having a few quite chilly days already, so I'm wearing my new Nordic print leggings from White Plum - which, if you haven't come across these, you MUST buy! They are so comfortable, so soft, and come in such fun patterns! :) (This is not a sponsored post, btw, I just fell in love with these.) They're not maternity wear but White Plum swears one size fits all from 0-12 and I am definitely able to wear them comfortable if I keep the band just below bump. I'm wearing a tunic from White Plum as well - a lovely, swingy, loose top (also not maternity wear) but they do this right - while the top is loose and relaxed fitting, the arms are fitted, so it maintains a little bit of structure. Old Navy Maternity is where I found the vest, which is warm and definitely has room to grow. I'm realizing quickly that things without arms are not going to keep me warm for long though....! I wore this outfit when we went house hunting on Sunday and it was perfect - comfortable enough for being in the car and walking around for hours, warm enough for outside, cool enough for indoors, and much cuter IMO than jeans and sneakers! :) 

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Boots: Mia | Tunic: White Plum | Leggings: White Plum | Gilet: Old Navy Maternity | Earrings: old, London

Boots: Mia | Tunic: White Plum | Leggings: White Plum | Gilet: Old Navy Maternity | Earrings: old, London

How would you style these ankle boots?! 

The Creative Closet

Another double feature?? Awesome!! Speaking of, today is the first monthly installment of Anne's 10 Awesome Things - a way to celebrate things that we are feeling particularly happy about! If you want to join, click on the box below and don't forget to link up next month on the first Tuesday. Here's what's on my list today: 

  • DIY peppermint mochas. Yep, skipped right past the PSL season and hopped straight into Christmas coffees!! #sorrynotsorry
  • Welcome home kisses from M :) 
  • Still fitting into a small portion of my pre-pregnancy clothes, despite:
  • Midnight snacks of graham crackers dipped in Nutella (insert sheepish emoji)
  • My mom's spaghetti and meatballs
  • Constantly finding new blogs that I enjoy reading 
  • Having the time to do my nails 
  • Finding dozens of old favorite books packed away safely in my parents' basement
  • This is my 100th post!! That seems wild to me...I feel like I only just started this yesterday!
  • M's GREEN CARD arriving!!! We have a SSN and a green card for my now "Permanent Resident Alien" husband. Doesn't that just sound so warm and inviting? "Welcome to the USA, alien!" Ha! But at least he's legal and we can commence the purchasing of an abode!

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