The Adventures of Bug and Boo

A Day in Bug's Life

Rebecca O'LoughlinComment

I will caveat this post with the comment that while this has not been our typical day for the last two months (where we’ve been living with my parents and they’re around to chat with me, keep me company, and help keep bug occupied and engaged), this is definitely the speed of the days we used to have just the two of us - and will be our days when we move out. again!

A Day in the Life

6:20 – wake up (for once I listen to my alarm!) and shower before Bug wakes up. M left at 4am to head up to Canada for work for a few days and my parents left yesterday for a week to themselves in Vermont so it’s a quiet house today.

6:45 – Bug wakes up and starts calling out for me, Nana, anyone to come and get her. I bring her downstairs - along with every toy in her crib - for her nappy change and milk. Snag a cup of coffee that M made at 330 am, then cringe at the overcooked flavor of what’s been stewing down in the pot for 3 hours. :/

7:00 – Bug and I snuggle while watching Peppa Pig, the only show that exists according to her. This gives me a chance to wake up and drink my horrendous coffee. (All of her bunnies cuddle with us too.)

8:00 – Brekkie time! Cereal, banana, toast, any combination thereof typically. Always the hands go into the hair...usually with banana on them. (I wish I knew why...) Yes, she has 2 spoons. Both from her tea set. Both being used to scoop up Kix...I don't ask questions anymore. 

9:00 – After brekkie I do a quick hoover of the dining room floor, toss in a load of laundry, and then join Bug for books on my pregnancy pillow – her favorite place in the world to sit at the moment! She gets mad if I don’t put it on the bedroom floor in the daytime and will yell 'pillow!' while pointing to the floor until I move it for her... 

10:00 – On the road, driving to the physician's office to try and register. A whole slew of frustration culminating in me tearing up at the receptionist, completely unable to stop them (thanks so much, hormones…). Bug fell asleep in the car on the way there, as per usual, and stuck to my leg the whole time we were in the doctor’s office. 


11:00 – Playing at the house again, Bug ever so grateful to be home and not in the carseat. We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" the whooooole way home to keep her happy, with Bug calling out different people or animals to do the noises for (Bug: “Nana!” Me: “The Nanas on the bus say ‘I love you,’ ‘I love you,’ ‘I love you…’) She is addicted to my old iphone and attempts to take selfies All. Day. Long. 

12:00 – Lunch at 11:30, “pastas,” cheese, and peas (whatever is accessible that makes her happy, generally), then vitamin drops, some milk and more bunny cuddles - then it's upstairs for nap time. I proceed to catch up on posting, planning, reading, and a cup of coffee (and a brownie, thanks to my mom leaving the leftovers here when they left!). 

1:15 – The WiFi is down. Apparently. ? I never understand why a signal shows as full strength but cannot connect! Want to bang my head against the wall because I can't do any of the work I wanted to do...oh well. Time to read a book. 


2:00 – Bug wakes from her nap - without crying! - and I collect her (and all bunnies) from upstairs. Quick change and we walk down my parents' ridiculously long driveway to collect the post, we play outside in the leaves and in her cousin's little playhouse. 

3:00 – I set Bug down to watch Curious George with her raisins while I attempt to make phone calls to insurance companies. We've got to arrange a policy before we close on the house, among many other things. (So far all is still going well - and on time, I believe - with the house process!) 


4:00 – Shortly after my first long phone call, Bug brings her shoes to me, says "outside!" and runs to the door. Back outside we go! We toss some apples to the horses - stopping every few inches to say hello to every ladybug along the way and try to get them onto her finger. Then she rides her little tractor bike and plays pretend in the playhouse again. I drink countless pretend cups of tea and snarf hundreds of pretend cookies with enthusiasm.

5:00 – Still playing, I have to try to convince her to go inside so I can make dinner. Cranky this time of afternoon, usually I have to hold her while I cook (thus my love for slow cooker meals). Since it's just the two of us, I keep it simple - omelets, toast, berries, and yogurt. Brinner! 


6:00 – After dinner is meant for winding down, but lately it's become a time where Bug finds this crazy second wave of energy and runs around like a madwoman. Today though we sit at the coffee table and color the few blank spots on the plastic tablecloth my mom found, do some puzzles, and talk to Dada on speaker phone when he calls to say goodnight. 

7:00 – After bath, it's time to get into jimjams, have a cup of milk, and a snuggle with mama again while we read some of the books we took out from the library last week. (Board books so there will be no more ripped pages culminating in mama paying for destroyed library books....lesson learnt!) 


8:00 – Bug is asleep! Bedtime for her means it's time for me to tidy up the house, catch up on emails, go through what arrived in the post, organize the plethora of mortgage papers hanging about our room, and start prioritising my To Do List for the rest of the week. 

10:00 – I pop downstairs for a quick TV break (Modern Family) to shut my head off for a half an hour, then proceed to catch up on blog reading and work on editing my post for tomorrow.  

11:45 - I read a chapter in my book (which turns into 5) and then finally force myself to shut the book and turn off the lights. It's a little late for bedtime, as I know Bug will be up again at 6:30 tomorrow, but sometimes (ok, always!) I just cannot put a book down when I'm in the middle of it. 

And that is a typical day in the life! Uneventful - we didn't have any classes or playgroups, we didn't run any errands - and not very glamorous, but we enjoy them. :) I'm learning to appreciate the uneventful and quiet ones just as much as the busy, go-go-go ones, because I know there will be very little time just the two of us left, before this Microbug joins us next year. And I just love to watch Bug explore, both indoors and outside. This age is incredible - she's fascinated by literally everything. Especially when it's something new! She can watch ladybugs crawl on the doorstep for 15 minutes without moving an inch. Amazing. 

I hope that you also had a great day yesterday!! Is this wildly different from your typical days?