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Oh, the Things You Do Not Know...Random Facts of Moi

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The wonderful Anne from Love the Here and Now tagged me last week for a post of random facts about myself. I thought I might struggle to come up with interesting ones...there's not a whole lot about me that is a total unknown. I'm pretty much an open book to anyone who knows me because I've never been someone who could hide what I was thinking or feeling; I am very much a 'heart-on-sleeve' kind of person. That being said, there are probably a few little tidbits that not too many people would know - either because of embarrassment at the story, it occurred a long time ago, or I genuinely forget about it until someone reminds me. 

I am not going to share all of these examples with you (let's save a little mystery for this relationship!) but here are a few things that came to mind: 

- When I was in high school I begged my parents for a couple years in a row to send me to Catholic school. No, we're not Catholic. And no, they didn't send me. I wanted to go because their general course selection was better than my school's, they offered Latin, and I wanted to go to an all girls' school. I wholeheartedly support wearing uniforms to school. (As I was nerd.) 

-  I dream - vividly - almost every night, and I always remember them. I can still recall dreams I had years ago, especially if they were more unusual than most. The earliest odd dream I can remember was when I was 11 and it was about a giant Lego house and a boy I had a crush on in my 5th grade class was tiny-sized and lived in the house. 

- My first BFF 'broke up' with me in 6th grade, at a cafeteria lunch table during a crowded lunch period. She said she didn't want to be best friends anymore and was going to be best friends with Twila instead, the new girl at school. When I began to cry she scrunched up her face at me and said in a snotty voice, 'See? That's why. You're still just a baby." (OUCH. Blaire Waldorf had nothing on her!) 

- Since I was in my teens, I have wanted to shave my head just once, a la G.I.Jane. Not sure I could pull it off like Demi though... 

- I love getting ready to go out with my girlfriends (you know - music blaring, dancing around, putting on makeup and jewelry together with cocktails in hand) way more than I love actually *being* out. Dancing with the girls is always loads of fun but standing around in a bar with no cabaret license is so boring. Give me a lounge with a bit of a dance floor any day! 

- I was convinced at the ripe old age of 10 that I would be 'the next Mariah Carey' ;) 

- I seem to have a fascination with aggressive and fast-paced sports. If you recall my love for the X-Games, well I also have to admit that Boxing, Hockey, and Rugby are top of my list too! 

- The only time I ever didn't earn an A or B growing up was in my 3rd grade class, in Handwriting - apparently my cursive wasn't up to par and for one semester I had a C+ in my report card. I was in shock! 

- I got my first tattoo in Atlantic City from a chick named Buffy, on a bachelorette weekend that I planned, after driving a soccer mom van packed full of girls drinking and screaming with laughter down from NYC. It was an awesome weekend!! 

One of the snaps from the night spent out dancing in AC. Half closed eyes = Rebecca has already had a drink! 

One of the snaps from the night spent out dancing in AC. Half closed eyes = Rebecca has already had a drink! 

And there's another one for free - I cannot keep my eyes fully open once I've imbibed an adult beverage. If you're hungry for more, you can find a few other trivia tidbits here and here

Have you got a lot of little secrets...? Share one with me!! :) I'm going to tag in Kelly from Southern Komfort and Sarah from 12 Twenty Seven to share some little known facts about themselves.... ;) 

Also, today is Day 2 of Blogtober14, but the topic is one that I've written about recently, so to find out more about what I wanted to be when I grew up and what I want to be now, check this one out. Happy Almost-Friday Day, people!! 

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