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It's been a while since I've done a 'currently' post - the last one was when we were packing to leave London! Things look a little different in our lives now, although some things remain the same. 

DOING || Staring at the baby monitor screen, willing it to stay silent. Bug has had some terrible nights of sleep - waking with wails for mama, crying and crying unless I'm the one holding her, seemingly in pain. :/ Teeth, no doubt. The darn buggers just won't erupt!! Last night was the worst, she was up at 10pm and then I was up from 4-6:30 with her because she wouldn't sleep unless she was on me. Much like her first 12 weeks. Except about 20 pounds heavier and more twitchy in her sleep. Needless to say I did not sleep at all until she woke up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to play with Dada. She's already woken with cries once this evening, and I'm just praying that she sleeps through the night now.

PLANNING || All of the things I want to do to our (potential) house! Things are rolling right along on the home purchase process, and we are ever so hopeful that we will close on this baby without too many glitches along the way. So I'm busy making lists of the things we need to buy - basically every electrical appliance since the outlets are different and we had to sell or gave away all of the ones we had in London - and the things we will eventually want to do around and in the house. Oh and that teeny pesky list of the things we need to do to prepare to set foot in the set up utilities / internet / waste removal, hire movers, have our storage unit delivered, change the locks, and shop around for home insurance. You know, just the little things. 

REMEMBERING ||  I need to book our family photo session! I always send out dozens of Christmas cards to our families and friends and I'd love if we got our act together soon enough to include photos in them. I have to find a local photographer and book us a weekend session ASAP. (Also, bump shots, yay!) 

From our last family photo shoot....overdue for updated pics, clearly! 

From our last family photo shoot....overdue for updated pics, clearly! 

WISHING || For a miracle, so I can get the 30 things on my To Do list for tomorrow done. Several I've been procrastinating on and I just need to do them. Like Nike says. ALSO - for good weather when we go to NYC in December for our babymoon / friend's wedding / American expats in London reunion trip. We finally booked everything this week and I'm so looking forward to it already...I can't believe it's been FOUR YEARS since I've been in my old city - and that I haven't been with M at all! It's going to be a fantastic holiday! 

LOVING || My support network - aka my family. My husband whisked Bug away this morning as soon as she woke, shutting the bedroom door and letting me (finally!) get some sleep. When Bug whimpers and whines at night, I open my eyes to look at the monitor and figure out if I need to go upstairs to get her before she wakes my parents, and often I see my mom in there, rubbing her back, trying to get her to go back to sleep. My dad played silly games with her this afternoon when I hit the wall and could barely open my eyes, much less muster up enthusiasm for a 1,000th round of chase-me-around-the-kitchen-table. These are just the little helps from today - there are hundreds and hundreds of other things I could share that they've been doing to help me out. I can't imagine how wrecked I'd be if I didn't have these wonderful people bolstering me up as they are. I'm so grateful for their love, their compassion, their kindness, and their general awesomeness - they are making this pregnancy so much more manageable!! 

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